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Mechanical Instruments Calibration Services

Mechanical Metrology

Mass, Force, Torque, Hardness, Density and RPM

Hand Torque Wrench (0 to 3000 Nm) Air Velocity meter (Vane/Thermistor) Weights / Weighing Balance (0~600kg)
Torque Meter / Gauge Airflow meter / Rotameter Volumetric Jars / Burette / Pipette
Torque Multipliers (0 to 6750 Nm) Tachometer / Stroboscopes Rockwell/Brinell/Vickers-Hardness Testers
Hydraulic / Electric Torque Wrenches (0 to 6750 Nm) Duct Velocity/Flow meter Hydrometers / Alcoholometers
Hydraulic / Electric Torque Wrenches (0 to 6750 Nm) Centrifuge / Shakers/RPM Measurement Capillary Viscometers
Hydraulic / Electric Torque Wrenches (0 to 6750 Nm) Shore Hardness Tester Rotary Encoders

Dimensional Metrology

Vernier / Dial / Digimatic Caliper (0-2000 mm) Depth Micrometer / Caliper Angle Block / V Block
Internal/External Micrometer (0-1000 mm) Plain Plug / Ring Gauge (0~300mm) Radius / Pitch Gauge
Vernier/Dial/Digimatic Height Gauge (0-1000mm) Thread Plug / Ring Gauge (M2~M300) Snap / Gap Gauge (0~300mm)
Dial Gauge - Plunger/Lever (0-100 mm) Taper Plain / Thread Plug Gauges (0~300mm) Bore Gauge
Holtest / Three point micrometer Engineering Square Feeler Gauge
Micrometer Head Steel Rule/Measuring Tape/Taper Scale Dial Gauge Stand
Digimatic / Dial Thickness Gauge (0-50 mm) Caliper Checker / Depth Microchecker Gauge Blocks / Length Bar
Dial Caliper Gauge (0-10 mm / 0-1 inch) Height Master / Riser Block Viscosity Ford Cup
Precision Flat / Spirit Level Calibration Tester Test Seives
Surface Plate (Granite / Steel) Profile Projector / Toolmaker's Microscope Coating Thickness
Thread Measuring Wires Comparators with Inductive Probe Foils
Bevel Protractor/ Digital Protractor Combination Set 2D Height Gauge